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A Life of Cooking

Less than a decade ago, I was a server at an Italian chain restaurant who knew little about the food industry. I was one year into my degree in restaurant management and decided to take a leap and attend culinary school in Florence, Italy. I spent eight months learning the techniques of Tuscan cuisine and loved every day of my time there. When I came back, I got my first kitchen job as a dishwasher and built my way up to become sous chef at the age of 23.


Since then, I have had incredible opportunities such as working as a cook for Warner Brothers and serving over 50 houses around Los Angeles as a personal chef including actors, fitness influencers, and highly successful entrepreneurs. In Colorado, I’ve cooked for more than 100 different occasions, ranging from family meal preparations to baby showers to date nights.

I believe food is so much more than something that satisfies hunger. Food is memories, food is medicine, and it’s a major part of our lives in the past, present, and future. As a chef, my goal is to positively contribute to people’s food journey, whether that’s by helping individuals eat healthier and get on the right track physically, or by providing cuisine that brings joy and lasting memories.



I have a special interest in cooking Italian cuisine because of my training overseas. Fresh pasta, grilled meats, and risotto are three things that I will always love to cook and eat. With that being said, I love to cook just about anything including most other cuisines!
I am always happy to make adjustments according to personal preferences and dietary restrictions. Looking for an all vegan feast? You've got it. A table full of Spanish tapas? Sounds great. A combo of different cuisines and dietary restrictions? I can do that too!


In the start of 2020, I worked part-time for a company as a personal chef in Los Angeles in addition to my full-time cooking job at WB Studios. I never thought I would love a job more than when I started cooking in people’s homes, getting to meet people from all over the world and serving them tasty food.

As a blessing in disguise, the pandemic brought my studio job to a close and I had no choice but to go all-in as a personal chef cooking for people in a safe manner. It felt good to cater to people who were used to regularly dining at their favorite restaurants or eating at family and friends' houses and provide some temporary joy during such a difficult time. Sadly, the company I worked for eventually surrendered to the pandemic as well and stopped all chef services. I promptly moved back to my home state of Colorado, and here I am revamping that dream to make it my own. I established Chef Jenica in July of 2021. I cannot wait to cook for you, have fun with you, and hopefully have you coming back for more!

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