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Because the best type of class involves eating and drinking.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make pasta from scratch or roast the perfect salmon? Well I’m here to teach you, and in your own kitchen! If you just want to cook for fun with some friends and family by your side, we can do that as well. Cooking classes are a great way of bringing people together, and being in a familiar environment will make it even more enjoyable for your group.

My first cooking class was when I was 16 years old at a local restaurant (the youngest in the class by about 20 years) and I will never forget that day! Hands on experiences create lasting memories, and hopefully you’ll walk away with  a new recipe to impress people with as well!



  1. Choose a date and decide how many people you want to join the class (can also be solo!)

  2. Where do you want the class to take place? It can be in you or someone else’s home, an Airbnb or vacation rental, a local kitchen, really any space that has a working stove, oven, and enough room for your group to work together in.

  3. Choose a class type:

    1. Cooking Basics

      1. Includes knife skills, various cooking methods, as well as some impressive tricks to add to your hosting repertoire.

    2. Jenica’s Specialties

      1. Learn how to cook some of my favorites! You will be sent a list of seasonal dishes to choose from including fresh pastas, risotto, pizza, and dessert.

  4. Get excited! Stock up on drinks, clear out some space, and let me do the rest of the work!




per hour

Private Lessons for One


per person

Group Classes

Virtual Classes Available Now!

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